What’s Dad getting this Sunday?

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Have you figured what to get your dad for Father’s Day on Sunday? Dads do seem to get the raw end of the deal  when it comes to special days, it seems – although there are some amazing ideas out there!

My favourite for the year was something I heard on the radio the other day; around 35 years ago, a dad thanked his kids for his card, but said it was a waste of money. Since then, he’s received the same card from his kids every year, each time with a new message on it. Now his grandkids get to sign it too.

While this has to be the best Father’s Day story I’ve heard in a while, those of us who haven’t planned 35 year ahead may need a bit of inspiration. Countdown did a little research in the lead up to Father’s Day on Sunday, and they found out that – surprise surprise – socks and undies are almost guaranteed to be gifted to dad this Father’s Day

Dads are less likely than mums to get a greeting card this Father’s Day however they are most likely to be served the classic bacon and eggs in bed and gifted some new socks and undies.

Countdown has analysed its sales data to reveal the most popular gifts and interesting trends ahead of this Father’s Day on Sunday 3 September.

The data shows that boxed chocolates are 200 per cent more likely to be bought for Father’s Day than on a regular weekend; DVD sales double, and male underwear sells 80 per cent more on dad’s special weekend than previous weekends.

Countdown also sees an increase in beer sales and in particular the more specialised, craft beers being purchased, to help thank dad for all his special jokes.

It’s highly likely that dads around New Zealand will be treated to a breakfast of champions loaded with lots of bacon and eggs.  Countdown sold more than 51,000 packs of bacon last Father’s Day weekend.

And sadly it’s less likely that dad gets a Father’s Day card versus mums on their special day, with Countdown selling six times more cards in the lead up to Mother’s Day than the equivalent weekend for Dad’s.

Brett Ashley, Countdown’s Acting General Manager Merchandise, says “Being a dad myself, it really is the thought that counts and traditional gifts and a great breakfast in bed are still hugely appreciated,” he says.

“I can vouch that Countdown has an extensive range of products sure to make Dad happy on Sunday, and if you are caught out at the last minute this weekend, our stores across the country are open late Saturday and open early on Sunday morning for the all important breakfast ingredients,” says Ashley.

If you’re still stuck for an idea, I can guarantee you won’t go wrong with breakfast in bed! This recipe is one of my favourites – take this to him with a cup of coffee and a cuddle and he’ll be smiling all day!


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