Healthier Cola, anyone?

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Soda Press Co launches world’s first blonde, organic, low sugar cola syrup

My kids have grown up knowing that like most ingredients, sugar is OK in small doses. But how do you stop them from inhaling gallons of the stuff once they are older and picking up drinks while out with their mates? It’s just not that easy.

Which is why I was delighted to see this healthier, organic version of an old classic, Soda Press Co’s new organic Blonde Cola syrup.

An all-natural, certified organic, low sugar alternative to mainstream brands, this award winning cola packs flavour with an exotic blend of cola nuts, ginger, lemon, cinnamon, rosemary, lavender and a subtle velvety texture.

Sweetened with just a touch of organic brown rice malt syrup, organic cane sugar and monkfruit, it features only half the sugar of big cola brands and sits within internationally recognized safe sugar level guidelines of under 5 grams per 100 mls, and is also very low in caffeine.

And in a world first, this bombshell of a cola is a lovely golden colour. Why? Because they’ve left out all the nasty stuff says Soda Press boss Cam Romeril, who is talking about sugar, caffeine, preservatives and the artificial colours that give traditional colas their darker hue.

Proof that being good doesn’t mean compromising on taste, this unique cola syrup has already picked up a gold medal and the champion beverage award at the recent and prestigious 2017 Royal Hobart Fine Food Awards.

Just add carbonated water or use with your SodaStream for a refreshing cola you can enjoy guilt free.

Available at selected retailers, cafes, and bars nationwide. RRP $14.95

About Soda Press Co

A little New Zealand company with pure ideas, Soda Press Co takes organic fruit and applies the best of old and new to create a range of reduced sugar, additive free, certified organic drink syrups.

The Soda Press Co range includes:

  • Organic Blonde Cola
  • Organic Classic Indian Tonic
  • Organic Ginger Ale
  • Organic Old Fashioned Lemonade
  • Organic Pink Grapefruit
  • Organic Liquorice & Lemongrass
  • Organic Raspberry & Mint
  • Organic Blueberry & Lime

Winner of several industry awards, Soda Press Co received ‘Best New Retail Product’ at Fine Food Australia 2015 and a highly commended at the 2015 and 2016 NZ Food Awards for its Raspberry & Mint syrup.

Plastic free and fully recyclable, every 500 ml bottle of Soda Press Co saves up to 10 bottles from landfills and waterways and reduces carbon emissions.

With approximately 17 drinks in every bottle, enjoy Soda Press Co syrups at home with your SodaStream or any carbonated water, in drink mixology, slushies, iceblocks and more.

Available at selected retailers, cafes, and bars nationwide. RRP $14.95 for 500ml and $29.95 for a twin pack.




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