Giveaway! Munchies and Mayo make lunchboxes a breeze

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Hands up – who’s run out of lunchbox ideas already? Yep, me too.

Putting together a good lunch the kids will eat is the lament of parents everywhere – which is why I’ve got together with Best Foods and Dole NZ for today’s giveaway. Between them, you have the power to make super sarnies and a sweet treat they’ll love!

This great prize contains 4 sets of 4 x Dole Fruit pots, 3 jars of tasty Best Foods mayo – and we’ll even chuck in a really cool Sunnylife Eco lunchbox to keep it all in!

To be in to win, head to, and post your best lunchbox tips on the competition post or the Facebook page.

Winners drawn 16th Feb. NZ residents only please. Best of luck!



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  • Sophie Hollands


    Bake on the weekend & double your recipes for bulk to freeze, it sure takes the pressure off knowing you have just pull some items out of the freezer in the mornings if busy.

  • debbie


    my lunch box tips are to make a lunch planning board with healthy options then my son picks what he wants the night before school and I make it and also let him do some baking too which makes it fun as well so we have options like corn muffins date muffins with grated carrot and beetroot no sugar using dates for sweetness sushi rolls fun and yum and healthy too 🙂

  • sasha nooroa


    i always do a big bake on the sunday n freeze all my muffins etc so the kids can just grab n go by lunchtime there defrosted. i sometimes do this with filled rolls as well which keeps the kids yougarts nice n cold and i always use recycleable lunch wrap.

    • Catherine Milford

      Hi Sasha – congratulations, you are the winner of my Dole and Best Foods prize pack! Thanks for being part of my website family, and I hope you continue to enjoy the content.

      Please can you email me on with your address details so I can send you your prize.

      Thanks! Catherine at Eatscooksreads

  • Karen


    Make lunches the night before if possible. Less stress in the morning when you are trying to get the kids ready for school

  • Breanna


    Sammies on wholegrain bread are a staple with a home-baked extra. Bliss balls and healthy muffins are a hit

  • Ange Dacombe


    Organisation the night before of what will be put in your children’s lunchbox helps the morning run more smoothly. I have a pretty particular routine of what works in our family for my children’s lunch boxes. A piece of fruit, a muesli bar, a packet of chippies and a healthy sandwich. Sometimes they get extras, like some homemade sushi, or some cashew nuts etc.

  • Shona Peck


    I do a whole weeks worth of baking and freeze, this way they can be pulled out for lunches

  • Jessica


    1. Plan ahead. Ask children on what they most likely to see in their lunchbox.
    2. Bake big batches of cookies, muffins and more that will last at least most of the entire week.
    3. Enjoy what’s in season and cheap. Fruits and vegetables are always the best.
    4. Shape and color arent only attractive but also enhance/motivate children to eat.
    5. Add healthy treats!

  • Suzannah


    We plan the week’s lunches ahead of time, pack each the night before, and spend Sunday baking and prepping. I love to get the kids involved in helping to both prepare things and to put them together the night before. We put in lots of fruit and vegetables with homemade dips, hard boiled eggs, cubes of cheese and homemade yoghurt. We have insulated lunchboxes with slicker pads too to keep it cool.

  • Emily


    I always mAke the lunches the night b4. Then I have plenty of time to come up with ideas

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