A Smooth way to eat your fruit and veg

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oob organic Offers Easy Way To Get Your Five Plus A Day

oob organic are about to Supercharge and Revitalise New Zealand with the launch of two new vegetable and fruit frozen Smoothie Mixes that take all the hard work out of prepping and creating a perfect nutritious smoothie. Just add liquid, blend and enjoy.

With 100% organic ingredients and no hidden additives, artificial colours or flavours, these new oob organic Smoothie Mixes offer a nutritious and convenient breakfast or snack option that fits into a busy lifestyle.

oob organic’s new vegetable and fruit smoothie range is available in two innovative mixes – Supercharge and Revitalise. Each mix is not only refreshing and delicious, they offer a thoughtful combination of nutritious
vegetables, fresh fruit and zingy herbs and spices that taste amazing when blended together from frozen.

An energising blend of certified organic kale, kiwifruit, apple and mint; oob organic Supercharge is a green smoothie with a refreshing twist. Those who want more of a boost will enjoy oob organic’s Revitalise combination of beetroot, blueberry, blackberry and ginger.

The new smoothie mixes are 100% certified organic. The ingredients are snap frozen when they’re perfectly ripe, cut and packaged, ready to blend. The zip lock packaging also avoids wastage, as you can use as much you need, reseal and simply put the rest back in the freezer. “It would be great if everyone could fit more fruit and veges into their diet, and even better if they could be organic,” says Shannon Auton, who founded oob organic with her husband, Robert.

The new oob organic Smoothie Mixes are packed with fibre and vitamin C. “We love the idea that we are making it easier for Kiwis to drink their vegetables!” says Shannon.


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