WIN! Day 12: Ultimate Stress-Buster Survival Kit!

Just a couple of weeks to go until everyone’s off school, the house is bursting at the seams with friends, family and those once-a-year relatives that we all love seeing…but goodness it can be hard!

At such a busy time of year, the most important things to achieve on your checklist are enough sleep, a little bit of me-time to restore energy, and putting the right vitamins and minerals in your body to survive the onslaught! New Zealand natural health company GO Healthy is all about helping Kiwis be, and feel, the best we can be – so they’ve put together this brilliant prize, valued at $334.30, for someone who definitely needs an extra boost over the next few weeks!

The prize pack contains:

  • GO Magnesium Sleep – When we’re busy a good night’s sleep is the best support we can give our bodies, but is not always easy when we have a busy social calendar, or a lot on our minds. GO Magnesium Sleep contains all the key high dose Magnesium plus the incorporation of herbs too support a restful sleep.

  • GO Stress Remedy – targets stress and feelings of being frazzled, and instead promotes calm so you can feel you can go about your day with ease. GO Stress Remedy will be just what you need to keep you smiling and relaxed, even with the pressure is on.

  • GO Co-Q10 300mg – will help promote healthy energy levels which are often starting to fade leading up to the festive season.

  • GO Multi  Everyday – a quality vitamin and mineral supplement to ensure your body is getting all the nutrients it needs to stay healthy over the Christmas break.

  • GO Vir Defence – your go to immune product to help you be in a better situation to defend of ills and chills and keep your immune system protected.

  • GO Fish 2000mg – your every day omega 3 fatty acids, essential for health and wellbeing.

  • GO Probiotic 40 Billion – to help repopulate good bacteria, and keep our digestive systems working in tip top shape.

Sound like exactly what you need? Head over to the link below and just follow the instructions. Give your friends a great gift this Christmas, and sign them up too – for free!