A Star was born: a Story of Christmas Beer

Did you know that Stella Artois was originally brewed as a Christmas gift? Me neither!

Stella Artois was brewed in 1926 as a festive gift to the town of Leuven in Belgium. The batch was so adored that it was kept in the brewery schedule and named ‘Stella’, after the Christmas star – and it’s been drunk as part of the festive celebrations ever since.

But of course you don’t need to be in the wintry December wilds of Belgium to enjoy a Stella at Christmas. In New Zealand, summer is a time for catching up with friends, mingling by the BBQ and nibbling bites on the deck.

Stella Artois goes hand-in-hand with the delectable flavours of a Kiwi summer. The subtle Saaz hops create a crisp flavour profile that complements the rich flavours of any of the enticing fare the summer might bring your way; from blue cheese and quince, through to glazed ham and roast vegetable salad – it’s the perfect match.

For those who would like to celebrate with a beer in hand this summer, but are concerned about the extra indulgences of the festive season, Stella Artois Légère offers a low carbohydrate alternative without compromising its smooth, crisp, well-rounded flavour.

Look out for Stella Artois and Stella Artois Légere at supermarkets and liquor retailers nationwide.

Stella Artois – 12 or 24 pack RRP $26.99 and $49.99.

Stella Artois Légère – 12 pack RRP $26.99