Are baking & cleaning our most-disliked jobs?

I never fail to get inspired when I discover someone who sees a hole in the market and goes out to fill it.

That’s just what Kiwi Brittany Earl has done with her start-up, Joblist – and she’s already discovered the jobs Kiwis love to hate.

The website provides a modern day solution to an age-old problem – ‘how do I get everything done?’ – and is incredibly simple to use. If you have a job you want help with, you can list it on or on the Joblist apps with a set price. From there, those who are keen to help will apply to do it.  Once the job is completed, feedback and a rating is given to each user based on how well the job was done.  

Since launching three months ago, more than 300 jobs nationwide have been listed on the website with two and a half thousand registered users.

Brittany says a pattern is already emerging for the jobs we most want done, but can’t, or don’t want to, do ourselves. “The most popular jobs listed so far are cleaning the house, help around the garden and baking. It’s great to be able to help Kiwis get those jobs ticked off their ‘to do’ list.”

The concept came to Brittany shortly after she graduated from law school, “I was working long hours in a law firm and spent all my free time at the weekends dealing with ‘life admin’. I thought, if I’m struggling to keep up, then how on earth is everyone else coping?”

She brought on board two business partners with experience in web development and tech start-ups and raised private funding to get the website and apps built and launched.

And as the company’s founder, Brittany has certainly been ‘living’ the brand, even tackling a few jobs herself, “I accepted a lawn mowing job and I was so nervous. I wanted to do a great job, so I got a good review.”

Some of the more unusual jobs include someone wanting a Mariachi band at their work party, a singing lesson, or a 4WD driving experience.. “What’s amazing is if there is a job listed, people who are keen to help are applying sometimes within minutes!” ” says Brittany.

 The jobs vary in price depending on what is required. The highest job price so far has been $4500 for some painting work on a small cottage.

 For more information contact Joblist founder Brittany Earl on