Coconut Juicies set to be a summer favourite

Much-loved producer of Juicies and Moosies, Nelson’s Tasman Bay Food Group, has launched its new Coconut Juicies range just in time for summer.

Coconut Juicies are made from freshly-pressed apples blended with delicious fruits or berries, creamy coconut (and very little else). They have no added sugar, contain no water filler, are dairy free, and have a 4-star health rating. Just packed with Nelson sunshine and real fruit – freshly pressed the traditional way.

Tasman Bay Food Group Managing Director Marina Hirst Tristram says that the new Coconut Juicies are already proving to be a hit with those who have been lucky enough to try them.

“We’re on a mission to help Kiwis eat well,” says Marina. “That’s what motivates our passionate team and we hope people can really taste the difference in all the products we sell. It’s so important that our school canteens are selling good food and we’re proud to be a part of supplying products that are better for families.

“Coconut Juicies include delicious fruits, berries, and coconut cream using the same fruit-pressing process that we have always prided ourselves on since Dad first started pressing Nelson fruit back in 1976. Why mess with a good thing? They’re just fruit and coconut frozen, and nothing else.”

Coconut Juicies are available from selected New World and Pak’nSave supermarkets. They are sold in four-pack boxes and come in three flavours – pineapple, mango, or strawberry.

Coconut Juicies will also be available in single serve at some schools from Term 4 and from Juicies freezers in selected locations.


About Coconut Juicies

Coconut Juicies are a better, healthier, real choice because:

  • They’re made from simple, natural, real ingredients – just fruit and coconut cream. The main ingredient in all Juicies is freshly-pressed Nelson apple juice
  • Coconut Juicies are 105ml and contain less than 10g of sugar per 100ml (all of which comes from the fruit). As a comparison, a Fruju Tropical Snow (110ml) has 19.7g of sugar per 100ml while a Calippo Raspberry & Pineapple (105ml) contains just 25% real fruit juice and has over 20g of sugar per 100ml
  • They are both dairy and gluten-free (although the company does not make gluten-free claims on the packaging as they don’t test for gluten).
  • They have a 4-Star Health Star Rating (category: non-core foods)