I Quit Sugar’s Easter Tips

For a lot of kids, Easter isn’t the same without chocolate. What’s your best tip to get kids to try your sugar-free alternatives when there’s so much pressure to buy into the store-bought stuff?

I suggest creating the same excitement around the healthier, sugar-free treats as any store-bought stuff. Organise an Easter hunt for the kids using the sugar-free alternatives, or even get them involved in the kitchen – half the fun is actually making the treats! (And licking the bowl!)

  1. How much sugar is there in the dark chocolate you use, for example in the Choc-Chip Skillet Cookie?

We always opt for 85–90% dark chocolate as it’s very low in sugar. Our Choc-Chip Skillet Cookie recipe contains 50g of 85 per cent dark chocolate, which is about 3–3.5 teaspoons of sugar split between 8–10 servings. The World Health Organization’s recommended daily sugar allowance is 6–9 teaspoons (a little less for children). So a serve of the cookie falls well below the average person’s daily quota. And when you consider your average Cadbury bunny can have up to 33 teaspoons of the sweet stuff, you can sleep easy knowing you’re making the healthier choice!

  1. Will I suffer withdrawal if I give up sugar cold turkey?

You might! The physical and emotional dependence on sugar can be pretty tough to break. The science suggests that it takes about 6–8 weeks to wean your body off sugar. Allowing your body to adjust progressively to any dietary change is key, which is why our I Quit Sugar: 8-Week Progam is designed to support you through each phase.

  1. What do you think is the biggest benefit of quitting sugar?

It’s tough to name just one! In the short term, you can expect more energy, clearer skin and better moods. One of the most common benefits we hear from our 8-Week Program graduates is sustained and healthy weight loss. There’s now a raft of science to suggest quitting sugar can also reduce your risk of lifestyle diseases including metabolic syndrome, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, stroke and some cancers. And many of our 8-Week Program graduates have seen a reduction or complete reversal in symptoms for all types of illnesses, from psoriasis to arthritis, IBS, autoimmune diseases, insulin resistance and fatty liver.

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