Love a treat? Take a chip off the M&Ms block!

I don’t have a huge sweet tooth – many of my recipes are savoury, because that’s just the way I like it! However, there are of course exceptions. And boy, are M&Ms an exception! It’s got to the point that if I buy some, I hide them. Because it has to be a pretty special day indeed for anyone else in the house to get my M&Ms!

Now, however, I’m going to have to find a bigger hiding place. Because M&Ms just got even better. (I know, right?) Lovers of these little balls of deliciousness will be with me I think – the new M&Ms Blocks are going to feature large in my treat cupboard!!

Deal with your chocolate cravings the right way; check out the funspeckled colours of M&M’S MINIS as you rip open your M&M’S Block and nibble, munch and crunch your way through the rows of milk chocolate goodness. Share with your friends (if you really, really want to), stash one in your glovebox or enjoy as an after-dinner treat – however you eat your M&M’S Block it’s sure to be a hit!

Made using only the finest, high-quality ingredients, the delicious new M&M’S Block range combines the crunch of M&M’S MINIS that Kiwis know and love, with smooth, rich milk chocolate. And with seven swoon-worthy flavours to choose from, there’s an M&M’S Block to whet any chocolate fanatic’s appetite!

Tradition-seekers will love M&M’S Milk Block, while M&M’S Crispy Block adds another dimension of crunch. M&M’S Crispy Mint Block offers a tantalising, refreshing dimension to chocolate cravings, and nut-aholics will fall in love with M&M’S Hazelnut Block and M&M’S Fruit & Nut Block. Treat your taste buds to exotic indulgence with M&M’S Crispy Coconut or combine your biscuit craving with your favourite chocolate fix, with M&M’S Cookies Block.

New M&M’S Block (RRP $3.79) is available now from leading supermarkets and confectionery retailers nationwide.