Love your leftovers just a little bit more!

Many of you will know that I’m a huge leftovers lover! It’s a rather scary figure, but Kiwis waste a whopping $100 million every year throwing away food. Let’s just go there again – $100 million. That’s a lot of money – and a lot of unnecessary food waste. 

Loads of leftovers actually taste better the next day. I did a very unscientific survey at home with my crew on what tastes better after having a day in the fridge, and the list included (but certainly wasn’t limited to:)

  • Pizza
  • Curry and casserole
  • Rice
  • Meatloaf/meatballs
  • Trifle

There were others (for some reason they both said doughnuts, which I disagree with, so it’s not going on the list), but you get the drift – leftovers are actually fab! But – and this is a big but – they need to be properly stored. Not just because you don’t want that nasty dried food on the top, or to contaminate other food in the fridge with the smell, but for safety reasons too. So – into the storage container boxes they go.

Now I know we’re not supposed to be loving plastics – but not all plastics are created equal, which is why I’m loving the new PODs from New World, a collection of four tough, reusable, and 100% recyclable containers that can be vacuum sealed to help Kiwis love their leftovers and save tens of millions of dollars’ worth of food that would otherwise go to waste.

New World PODs are a set of collectable storage containers made from Tritan – one of the toughest, most high-performing plastics around.  To make them even more effective they come with a vacuum pump that sucks any air out of the closed container, keeping leftover mashed spuds, grated cheese or broccoli stalks fresher for longer.

Dr Michelle Dickinson, aka Nanogirl, is working with the team to explain the benefits of New World PODs. “I’m backing these PODs because they are BPA free, reusable, recyclable and weigh less than other materials so are kinder on the environment in terms of energy use. Not all plastic is bad – some plastic products like New World PODs can actually be beneficial, provided we use them in the right way and dispose of them correctly once they have reached the end of their life.”

The last word really needs to go to Love Food Hate Waste, who have been campaigning for years to stop Kiwis throwing out perfectly good food. Jenny Marshall says, “There is absolutely no excuse for New Zealanders not to be making the most of their leftovers. Initiatives like New World PODs can make a staggering difference to the amount of food we’re throwing away and also to our wallets – the less we throw out, the more we save.”

New World PODs and the handpumps that vacuum-seal them are available to collect from Monday 3 September through to Sunday 14 October, while stocks last.  For every $20 spent in-store, customers can collect stickers that can then be redeemed for a New World POD.  Bonus stickers will also be available in conjunction with selected favourite brands. 

For more information head to from Monday 3 September, 2018