Meat the alternative: the latest trend in protein

If you tend to keep your eye on the latest comings and goings in the food world, chances are you’ve come across ‘alternative meat’ – otherwise known as ‘fake meat’. Many food experts are predicting alternative meat will be one of the biggest food trends of 2018 – but what exactly is it?

Times are changing, and the way we consume food has a major impact on the world we live in. People are looking for the little ways they can make a positive impact in their daily lives… introducing the delicious new meat alternative that’s 100 percent plant-based – grown, not bred.

At this point I have to confess – I haven’t tried this meat, so can’t vouch for how it tastes, although advocates of the meat-free diet say it’s going to be huge. Advertised as the happy choice for humans and animals alike, the Alternative Meat Co range is 100 percent meat free and 100 percent vegan friendly. All the ingredients in Alternative Meat Co Beef Chunks and Chicken Strips are ethically & Non GMO sourced, with only best quality plant based foods included.

Those who’ve tried this alternative meat from New Alternative Meat Co Beef Free Chunks say it has a subtle smoky flavour and meaty texture. Under the same brand is also Alternative Meat Co Chicken Free Strips. They look like chicken, taste like chicken and are a good alternative in stir-fries, aromatic vegan curries and warm summer salads.

Registered with the Coeliac Society as a gluten free product, Alternative Meat Co Beef Chunks and Chicken Strips use soy proteins to deliver a tasty product that looks, cooks and taste like meat. Even better, the products offer a good source of protein in a healthy and balanced diet and have been awarded a 4.5 Star Health rating!

Beef Chunks and Chicken Strips are not suitable for the microwave.

The Alternative Meat Co Beef Chunks and Chicken Strips (RRP $8.50) are available now from leading supermarkets nationwide.

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