Outstanding NZ Food Producer award winners announced

You know all those stickers you see on produce? Sadly some of them aren’t all they promise – which it’s why it’s so important to know what you’re looking for. These ones you can see are 100% genuine – and to get one is a real statement of quality.

The medal winners of the 2019 Outstanding NZ Food Producer Awards have just been announced; these products represent the finest, as assessed by some of New Zealand’s finest food experts. A bronze, silver or gold sticker is a promise of great quality (as well as being a Kiwi-made item, which I’m all for!). Check out the list below so you know what to buy!

Gold Medal winning products are in the running for the category Champions, Supreme Champion and special awards being announced on Tuesday 16 April 2019. 


Bellefield Butter Co, Miso Cultured Butter                                                     
Charlies Gelato, Strawberry Gelato
Lewis Road Creamery, Gold Top Organic Non-Homogenised Jersey Milk 
Meyer Cheese, Smoked Gouda
The Drunken Nanny, Lemony Lush                    
The Drunken Nanny, Black Tie
The Drunken Nanny, Dill Lush                                                                                           
Whitestone Cheese Company, Ferry Road Halloumi  
Whitestone Cheese Company, Vintage Five Forks
Whitestone Cheese Company, Vintage Windsor Blue
Wooden Boutique Freezery, Blackcurrant Crunch Ice Cream

DRINK, (part of the EARTH category) GOLD MEDAL WINNERS
Chia Sisters Bottled by the Sun, Nelson Apple & Boysenberry Juice
Chia Sisters Bottled by the Sun, New Zealand Feijoa & Apple Juice 

Augustine’s of Central, Preserved Sundrop Apricots in a Riesling Syrup
Barker’s of Geraldine, Fruit for Cheese, Feijoa and Pear
Chia Sisters Bottled by the Sun, New Zealand Feijoa & Apple Juice 
Greytown Honey, Kamahi Honey
Greytown Honey, Manuka Honey (200+ MGO)         
Greytown Honey, Manuka Honey (400+ MGO)                       
Harraways HARR-OS Oat Bites Indian Spice  
Kauri Kitchen, Cranberry & Walnut Loaf       
Kiwi Quinoa, Quinoa                              
Manaaki Kamokamo Pickle                               
Mamia’s, NZ Made Traditional Ethiopian Relish Cooking Sauce                         
Nut Brothers Super Crunch Peanut Butter        
Pinoli, Mediterranean Pine Nuts         
Roebuck Farm, Leaves + Shoots          
Sweetree, Marokopa Spring Honey
The Clareville Bakery, The Clareville Crackers 
The Yummy Fruit Company, SweeTango Apples         
Thoroughbread, Paleo Gold                                                       
Thoroughbread, Paleo Fruit Loaf

A Lady Butcher, Free Range Coppa
BavariaNZ Fennel Delight
Kiwi Bacon Maple Middle Bacon  
L’Authentique, Chicken Liver Parfait with Shiraz Jelly
Pastrami & Rye, Pastrami
Provenance Meat, Provenance Lamb

East Rock, Gisborne Tarakihi
Genevieve’s, Original Scallop Mousse


Clearwater Farm, Organic Honey Yoghurt                               
Clevedon Buffalo Company, Truffled Pepper & Porcini Cheese Tartinade 
Lewis Road Creamery, Premium Garlic & Parsley Butter
Performance Protein, Vanilla Flavoured Sheep Milk Drink
Pure New Zealand Ice Cream, Kaffir Lime and Ginger Ice Cream 
The Drunken Nanny, Fresh Lush 
The Drunken Nanny, Goat Milk Kefir
Whitestone Cheese Company, Mt Domet Double Cream Brie 
Whitestone Cheese Company, Lindis Pass Brie            
Whitestone Cheese Company, Probiotic Camembert 
Whitestone Cheese Company, Windsor Blue  

DRINK, (part of the EARTH category) SILVER MEDAL WINNERS
Aroha, Elderflower Cordial
Greenleaf Organics, Lemon Switchel
Heke Homemade Herbals, Awake and Aware
Happy Belly Ferments, Ginger Beer Flavoured Water Kefir   
Hakanoa Handmade Drinks, Wild Ferment Lime & Chilli Ginger Beer
Hill Road, Fresh Orange Juice
Something Big is Brewing, Kombucha Kraft Ginger Kombucha

Barker’s of Geraldine, Fruit for Cheese Blackberry and Brandy
Blue Frog, Raspberry and Vanilla Granola
Daily Organics, Apple Cider Vinegar  
Greytown Honey, Native Honey
Greytown Honey, Wildflower Honey 
Hunt and Gather Bee Co, Rewarewa Honey
Kiwi Saffron, 100% Kiwi Saffron, NZ grown saffron threads
Forage and Ferment, Mexi Kraut
Mandy’s Horseradish Pure
Mandy’s Horseradish Sauce
NoShortcuts Gourmet Chutneys, Feijoa Kasundi 
Omahu Valley Citrus, Spicy Mandarin Marmalade
Pam’s Finest, Saffron & Ricotta Pasta Sauce            
Pic’s, Pic’s Peanut Butter, Boysenberry Jelly                                                                                
Revive Cafe, Revive Bites Peanut Choc
Proper Crisps, Marlborough Sea Salt
Pure Delish, Raspberry & Maple Nut Nograin-ola
Pure Delish, Pecan, Ginger & Coconut Nograin-ola
Pure Delish, Primal Bar
Something to Crow About, Cashew Cherry Chia Muesli
Sonja’s Taste of Austria, Gluten-Free Vegetarian Mushroom & Brie Pie
The Dam Good Food Company, Wholesome Frozen Treats Citrus Zing
The Dam Good Food Company, Wholesome Frozen Treats Double Berry
The Lucky Taco, Chipotle Chicken Fiesta Kit
Thoroughbread, Paleo Seed
Waiheke Herbs, Aioli with Herbs
The Remarkable Chocolate Co, Organic Chocolate Bark
Wise Boys, Aioli

A Lady Butcher, New Zealand Wagyu Bresaola
Coastal Lamb, Cap off Rumps
Frank’s Sausages, Veal Bratwurst
Homegrown Farm Fresh Meats, Speckle Park Beef
Kiwi Bacon, Streaky Bacon 
L’Authentique, Pork & Fennel Sausages
Whitestone Cheese Company, Shenley Station Blue and Steak Gourmet Pies


Bellefield Butter Co, Ghee Manuka
Bellefield Butter Co, Clotted Cream
Clevedon Buffalo, Herb & Garlic Cheese Tartinade 
Clevedon Buffalo Company, Smoked Paprika Cheese Tartinade
Creative Cooking, Garlic & Rosemary Superseed Crackers 
The Drunken Nanny, Pasteurised Goat Milk
Whitestone Cheese Company, Shenley Station Blue

DRINK, (part of the Earth category) BRONZE MEDAL WINNERS
Fern Glen Farm, Performance Protein, Coffee Flavoured Sheep Milk Drink
Fern Glen Farm, Performance Protein, Chocolate Flavoured Sheep Milk Drink
Hakanoa Handmade Drinks, Dry Ginger Beer
The Kvas Company, Brod Green Hemp and Manuka Kvas    

Augustines of Central, Augustines Quince Paste
Blue Frog, Apricot and Hemp    
Blue Frog, Apple and Maple Granola
Cartel Food Company, Black Bean, Roasted Corn and Chilli Lime Burrito
Ceres Organics, Fritter Mix Herbalicious
Fix & Fogg, Coffee and Maple Peanut Butter
Genevieve’s, Saffron & Orange Vinaigrette 
Greytown Honey, Clover Honey
Greytown Honey, Manuka Honey (100+ MGO)
Kohkoz, Golden Falafel Bites
Kohkoz, Traditional Hummus
Isobel Olives, Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil  
Molly Woppy, Handmade Gingerbread Kids Iced Artisan Cookies
Molly Woppy, Handmade Milk Choccy Chunk Artisan Cookies
Nanuk, Frozen on the Island, Avocado ice cream on the stick
Prof’s, Chilli Jam
Pam’s Finest Tomato, Almond & Olive Pasta Sauce
Proper Crisps, Onion with Green Chives
The Lucky Taco, Veg Calabacita Fiesta Kit 
The New Zealand Quinoa Co, Natural Quinoa
Traditional Country Preserves, Sugar-free Plum Sauce
Ziggy Ardor, Saffron Tawari Honey 

Olliff Farm, Premium Pasture Eggs 
Zaroa NZ, 100% Pure Natural High Country Lamb Bacon Rasher
Zaroa NZ, 100% Pure Natural High Country Lamb Breakfast Bratwurst Saussi