Recyclable coffee capsules created by L’Or

Yesterday, I had a fantastic start to my day. (If you ignore Auckland traffic, that is!) Instead of my usual cup of coffee at home over emails, tripping up over everything the kids have left in the hallway and forgotten to take to school, I was at the top of the Sky Tower, in the very salubrious Sugar Club, trying out the latest in coffee deliciousness.

I am a huge coffee lover – morning simply don’t get started without one or two – so I was very happy to discover several interesting facts about the new L’Or coffee range. Firstly, there are 8 types, ranging from the ‘hardly even caffeinated’-type that my mum loves, through to the really grunty blends that would keep the most fatigued of eyes wide open!

The aluminium capsules are designed to be used in Nespresso machines (note to self: go and get one!), and excitingly, all blends are crafted exclusively from UTZ-certified coffee beans and the capsules are 100% recyclable through a partnership with Terracycle. Given how popular capsule coffee is becoming, I reckon this is really important. Especially as the coffee tastes great!

Originally created in France, L’OR (meaning “gold” in French) is now bringing its premium quality aluminium coffee capsules to New Zealand supermarket shelves for the first time.

Available in an enticing portfolio of eight exquisite blends, L’OR espresso capsules are designed to fit with your Nespresso®* coffee machines. No more speciality stores or ordering capsules online – L’OR espresso capsules can be purchased as part of your weekly shop.

The new aluminium capsules are designed to better preserve the complex aromas and refined flavours of L’OR’s exclusively selected coffee beans. This delivers a more intense espresso experience with a rich, smooth and creamy foam.

Each of L’OR’s internationally renowned coffee blends are crafted by master blenders with over 260 years of combined coffee expertise. Carefully selected beans take their time to fully mature in some of the world’s finest coffee growing regions, before being roasted slowly and deeply to extract the very best aroma.

An elegant, captivating, multi-sensorial experience, L’OR is an unforgettable espresso designed with your pure pleasure in mind – a gold standard in coffee. What more could you want from a premium aluminium capsule you can buy in your supermarket?

Discover L’OR espresso capsules in eight blends at your supermarket, RRP $8.49 for a pack of 10. Designed to fit with your Nespresso®* coffee machine.