Saying cheese in a no-dairy kind of way

I adore my dairy. It’s one of the food groups I’d find hardest to give up I think. But a friend of mine recently had exactly the same problem. After months of feeling bloated and sick, she eventually went to get her allergens checked, only to discover she had become intolerant to lactose and dairy. To say her reaction wasn’t entirely positive is an understatement.

Last week, I was sent a new product to try – a dairy free cheese. Biocheese is entirely plant based, vegan friendly and dairy free. It’s also GMO free with no additives or preservatives. I clearly had the perfect person in mind to taste test it for me!

I’ll be honest – she wasn’t expecting much. All the dairy-free cheeses she’d come across so far had been a real disappointment. The MyLife Biocheese Cheddar I was sent came with a recipe for Super-Melty Margharita Pizza – something my friend decided wasn’t possible – so I gave it a go. And we were both surprised – because not only did she love it, but it did indeed melt just like dairy cheese. Score!

New Zealanders are continuously becoming more conscious of the food we consume and the desire to live a healthier lifestyle. With the increased popularity of plant-based diets and the rise in allergies and food intolerances, we’re looking to new products that are natural and ethically friendly. Natural, tasty and nutritious food should be a simple and everyday pleasure for everyone. The NEW MyLife BiocheeseCheddar range helps make this possible.

Biocheese is the new go-to product for the health conscious who are looking to reduce their dairy intake or have hypersensitivities to allergens, including lactose. With three new products on the market: Biocheese Cheddar Slices, Biocheese Cheddar Block and Biocheese Cheddar Shred, there’s aBiocheese to suit every occasion. Perfect for cheese platters, pizzas, sandwiches and toasties, it tastes and melts just like dairy cheeses!

The Biocheese Cheddar Block is ideal for cooking, snacking or as part of a platter.  With a delicious mild flavour, Biocheese Cheddar can be melted, grated or sliced into all your favourite dishes. Biocheese Cheddar Slices are convenient and the perfect size to add to sandwiches, burgers, crackers, lunches or snacks on the go.

Biocheese Cheddar Shred provides full flavour cheddar that is both delicious and versatile. It comes grated for extra convenience and can be simply added to wraps, salads, pizzas and tacos.

Biocheese can be found in selected New World and Pak ‘n Save stores nationwide! RRP: $11.49 – $12.49

For more information on Biocheese visit, @Mylifebio on Instagram or @mylifeau on Facebook.