I know…scrambled eggs is the simplest dish of them all, right? There are a couple of little tricks that make this delicious dish even more scrumptious – and it’s cheap, and good for you too. I don’t use cream in this recipe, as I think all you need to make this taste great is good-quality ingredients.

This is a great option for anyone wanting something quick but still healthy. Eggs pack a serious power punch that will give you long-lasting energy for hours, while dill is well recognised for being soothing on the stomach – perfect for people with a tendency to eat on the go, giving themselves indigestion!

Ready in 10 minutes. Serves 1.



Whisk 2 eggs in a bowl until it’s well mixed and bubbly. Add dill tips, salt and pepper.

In a small cast-iron frying pan, heat coconut oil and butter together until just melted. Add eggs, and, using a fork, gently pull the egg away from the sides into the middle in a folding motion. Don’t be tempted to stir.

Using your fork, fold egg until it’s almost cooked through, and roll it into a rough roll. Don’t overcook it – it should still be soft and supple, and a little wet in the middle. Serve immediately with warm toast.