The Spirit of Sodastream

I must confess – I’ve always wanted a SodaStream. I remember friends’ parents having them as a kid, and being so impressed with this amazing gadget that made everything fizzy! We never got one, but I never really lost my fascination with them.

Fast-forward to now, and the SodaStreams available now are a world away from the clunky benchtop pull-handle versions of my childhood. And the latest one, the fresh new SodaStream SPIRIT is so classy, who wouldn’t want one!

Boasting a contemporary design, the SodaStream SPIRIT is stylish, sophisticated and simple to use, helping you turn normal tap water into fresh sparkling water in seconds. The revitalising bubbles will hydrate you and help you get into the spirit of your day, whether you’re heading to an early morning gym session, hosting a family lunch, having a busy day at the office or relaxing in the sun.

Having won a 2017 Red Dot Design Award, you can be sure the SodaStream SPIRIT will integrate beautifully into your kitchen. It’s also an environmentally friendly choice; by using pure tap water and reusable bottles, it can save you hundreds of plastic bottles every year and help reduce your carbon footprint – all while allowing you to easily create an array of sparkling beverages.

Adding a hit of delightful bubbliness to your water will help you feel excited about staying hydrated. Include fruit pieces to create a healthy alternative to sugar-laden sodas for the kids; serve cold sparkling water at the table when friends come for dinner; and take your fizzy water bottle out with you every day, so you never need to purchase single-use plastic bottles.

With sparkling water at your fingertips, you can kick back and enjoy a delicious, refreshing and guilt-free drink any time of day or night – knowing you’re making a healthy choice that looks after you and the environment. That’s the SPIRIT!

The SodaStream SPIRIT is available in red, white or black. See for stockists, RRP $149.