What’s your official summer pizza flavour?

Wow, the school holidays can feel long for parents! Much as I love my kids, January can feel like a very long month – especially when it comes to catering for hungry teenagers! It’s quite the juggle, trying to incorporate all the different aspects of work, house, kids, trips etc, which is why I’m all about mums and dads taking the odd night off!

So, in between the spaghetti bologneses, the chicken meals, salads, fish dishes and assorted snack plates that I’ve created of late, I let the kids pick their favourite takeaway. And often that’s pizza – so I’m keen to check out the latest from Domino’s. As part of their #OfficialPizzaofSummer campaign, Domino’s Garlic Bread Crust and Extra Large (XL) pizzas will officially be available in Domino’s stores across New Zealand from today (Monday 21st January).

Garlic Bread lovers can now have the best of both worlds with the ultimate hybrid pizza, delivering the best combination of buttery garlic bread with their favourite Domino’s pizzas for an additional $3.99. For years Domino’s has been testing out new ways of reinventing the crust – from Cheesy Crust to Hot Dog Crust – so now they’ve combined the popular garlic bread side dish into the pizza itself.

Working with suppliers, Domino’s has formulated a brand-new garlic butter giving the crust a unique taste sensation and an extra flavour hit for those seeking the ultimate indulgence.

Domino’s is also introducing the new 12.5” Extra Large (XL) pizzas across the country, giving customers more options and more of what they love.

Domino’s CEO for Australia and New Zealand Nick Knight said that Domino’s had always prided itself on providing great value and this move was about extending that value offering and giving customers more choice.

Domino’s is always great value, but with the new XL size, customers will be able to upgrade to 50% more pizza on any Classic Crust; Value, Traditional, or Premium pizza with their small change—for just $3. We’re excited to be able to offer our customers another option by upgrading to XL during our biggest ever menu launch this summer. The XL pizzas have a significantly greater surface area and is only available on Domino’s classic crust base.

Domino’s ‘Official Pizza of Summer’ menu is available in all stores across New Zealand. To order the new products,  visit  https://summer.dominos.nz/