CLOSED: WIN! Day 6: Banjo Brews Kombucha boxes

Gosh New Zealand – it got very hot! Not that I’m complaining – it’s amazing! But it does make it tricky to summon up all the energy needed to get through everything at this time of year. Know how it feels? This is just the prize for you!

Kombucha is very much on trend at the moment. This ancient fermented tea drink, known as the ‘immortal health elixir’ in China, originated in the Far East about 2000 years ago. It has huge health benefits, especially to your gut – and Blenheim kombucha micro-brewery is giving two lucky Eatscooksreads lovers a box of 15 bottles of their delicious kombucha, containing all seven flavours of this fantastic beverage.

Banjo Brews is one of New Zealand’s earliest domestic kombucha brewers. Since launching at the Nelson Saturday markets just a few years ago, Banjo Brews kombucha is now sold nationally throughout supermarkets – and it’s a fantastic, refreshing drink that will be your lifesaver over the Christmas period.

Banjo Brews owners Heather McAlpine and Sandie Judge started brewing their artisan kombucha at Heather’s cafe in 2013, after they struggled to find an alternative to high sugar and alcholic* drinks when they went out with friends. Heather had tried kombucha in the 1980s in America, and was keen to give brewing her own a go. Demand grew significantly over the next couple of years, prompting Sandie and Heather to set up their own boutique brewery with no financial backing – just a passion to produce a great tasting, low-sugar, healthy BioGro-certified organic kombucha that Kiwis would enjoy.

“We use an authentic, 2000-year-old brewing process,” says Heather. “One of the benefits of this is that a light effervescence occurs naturally during fermentation. Our brew is made from real fruit and real herbs – just delicious ingredients that you would find in a beautiful organic garden environment. We believe that’s why Banjo Brews kombucha just tastes better.”

Due to the fermentation process involved in creating kombucha, it contains a large number of healthy bacteria known as probiotics. These bacteria line your digestive tract and support your immune system, as they absorb nutrients and fight infection and illness.

Since 80 percent of your immune system is located in your gut, and the digestive system is the second largest part of your neurological system, it’s no surprise that the gut is considered the “second brain.”

 Banjo Brews kombucha is flavoured by whole, organic ingredients like blueberries, limes, chilli and herbs, fair trade organic sugar, and spices such as turmeric and lemongrass. It comes in seven flavours, and comes in two


bottle sizes, 330ml (RRP $5) and 750ml (RRP $12).

Banjo Brews flavours:

Ginger, lemon and verbena
Raspberry, lime and fig leaf (good for lowering your blood trigylcerides)
Blueberry, elderflower and white tea (white tea added into second ferment)
Peach, turmeric and chilli
Himalayan herb (rosehip, hibiscus, nettle, lemongrass)
Blueberry, lemon and ginger
Original (unflavoured)

To be in to win a box of these healthy, refreshing drinks, click on the competition link below. Good luck!





*As kombucha is naturally fermented, it has a trace alcohol content (not more than 1% alcohol by volume and approximately 0.3 standard drinks per 330ml bottle).